Protoclean: Leading in Certification Testing

It is the job of a certification company to report the results of the test procedures performed for AS BUILT or Installation Qualification (IQ), AT REST or Operational Qualification (OQ), AND IN OPERATION or Performance Qualification (PQ). The test standards referenced are ISO-14664-1 & 2 and IES RP-CC006.2. The following are tests conducted by PROTOCLEAN, INC.

  • Filter Bench Testing
  • Filter Challenge Integrity Leak Testing
  • Filter Integrity Testing with Ambient Air
  • Filter Air Velocities
  • Air Laminarity Testing
  • Room Integrity Testing
  • Room Particle Counts
  • Room Pressure Differentials
  • Containment Leakage Testing
  • Temperature and Humidity Readings
  • Lighting Readings
  • Noise Readings
  • Vibration Readings
  • ESD Surface Conductivity testing
  • Molecular Air and Surface Testing
certified clean

All test results are recorded As-Built, At Rest, or In Operation (IQ, OQ & PQ) in the report and are valid at the time of testing.