Cleanroom Fabrication by Protoclean

PROTOCLEAN, INC is a team of people from the construction industry who have built over 100 Fast-track Cleanroom Fabrication Plants ranging from ISO Class 3 to ISO Class 8 (Fed St. Class 1 to Class 100,000) cleanrooms dating back to 1980.

The need was first realized when line widths of semiconductor wafers became vulnerable to particles that fell out after construction. Fabrication plants in the United States had to dismantle their cleanroom, clean behind the cleanroom envelope, and reassemble it because they could not achieve yields over 50% due to fall-out contamination from construction.

We now get over 99% yields in the first run after construction because we Start Clean, Build Clean, and Stay Clean!

And now there exists an International Standard

PROTOCLEAN, INC’S list of services and cleanroom supplies is turn-key for any construction clean-build project. Start Clean, Build Clean, Stay Clean!

By using PROTOCLEAN, INC to monitor the clean-build operations, customers have had 99.4% yields on the first run of the product after construction. These results are so significant that they produce 100s of millions of dollars in added revenue to the first production run. Well worth the small investment of building clean.

A few of the clean-build projects PROTOCLEAN, INC managed are GLOBALFOUNDRIES, AMG, LSI Logic, APPLIED MECHANICAL, HUGHES MALIBU, HUGHES El Segundo, Magic Semiconductor, UC Santa Barbara, Northrop Grumman, Western Digital, WhiteOak Semiconductor, Infineon Semiconductor, Motorola MOS 12, 17 & 19 and many others.

The following Protocol Levels below have been developed out of best practices. The 6 levels of protocol may be combined into 3 levels: Clean, Very Clean, and Ultra Clean, by combining levels 2 and 3 and levels 4 through 6.

Start Clean, Build Clean, Stay Clean!