Specifically designed for use in cleanrooms up to and including Class 10 (ISO 4), the Nilfisk Advance GM80CR ULPA and HEPA Vacuum is a powerful, yet highly efficient, addition to your maintenance arsenal. Constructed with durable brushed aluminum, the GM80-CR Cleanroom Vacuum provides unmatched fine particle filtration while standing up to the often harsh conditions of sensitive environments. Along with cleanrooms, this Nilfisk vacuum is a popular choice for hazardous dust cleanup in pharmaceutical processing suites, hospitals, labs, and specialty manufacturing applications.

The Nilfisk GM80-CR Cleanroom Vacuum is a dry collection vacuum that is equipped with an ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air filter) system. This filtering system helps safely collect and retain unwanted particles, fine hazardous dust and powders from your environment. The vacuum’s total filter area measures an impressive 1,477 square inches. In addition, the ULPA filter is designed to filter the vacuum exhaust and particulate contamination from the motor and prevents the particles from being exhausted back into your space. The Nilfisk Advance GM80-CR’s complete filtering system consists of:

Disposable Filter – Five disposable filters are included with the vacuum. The paper disposable filter extends the life of the three additional filters and provides for a cleaner vacuum system.

Extra-Large Main Filter – This large pre-filter promotes steady, even airflow through the vacuum, extends the life of the three additional filters, and eliminates premature filter clogging.

Polyester Microfilter – As a second stage of pre-filtration, the microfilter protects the GM80-CR’s internal motor and helps remove 99.5 percent of particles sized at 2 microns and larger.

ULPA Exhaust Filter – The vacuum’s downstream ULPA filter ensures that 99.999 percent of all ultrafine particles sized 0.12 microns and larger are retained within the vacuum.

The Nilfisk GM80CR Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner features a 3.25-gallon tank capacity and comes with a set of 5 2.25-gallon disposable dust bags. In addition, the vacuum cleaner can be mounted on a detachable trolley (included) for added mobility in portable vacuum applications.

Other features of the Nilfisk Advance GM80CR Vacuum include:

Large Carrying Handle – Helps you easily pick up and handle the GM80-CR vacuum as you move it from space to space.
Twist-On Safety Latches – Twist on and off safety latches secure the vacuum canister and prevents it from opening if it is dropped.
Interference-Suppressed Motor – This Nilfisk industrial vacuum is equipped with a specialized interference-suppressed motor that will not interfere with electronic equipment in cleanrooms.
Motor Thermal Protection – Prevents vacuum overheating caused by an accidental blockage in a nozzle or hose or failure to keep filters clean.
ESD Protection – All Nilfisk GM-80CR Vacuum attachments are conductive to help prevent damaging electrostatic discharge (ESD).
Protective Packaging – The Nilfisk GM80-CR Cleanroom Vacuum and its accessories are packed in cleanroom-compatible polyethylene bags to prevent contamination from packing materials during shipping.

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